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Working at "Old Green", a drafting table almost as old as the state of California, in a corner of the bedroom, with his wife, Kathy, typing specs on a "modern" Smith-Corona electric typewriter, Richard Roberts took on his first engineering service contract with Chevron in the fall of 1977. From that first "home office" the Roberts Companies expanded over the following years to include a full office staff. It is now housed in its own suite of offices in Concord, and employs over 100 people in a variety of jobs throughout the Bay Area, Hawaii and other industrial locations throughout the United States.

In 1981, we rented our first office in Pleasant Hill, and the in-house engineering group was born. By 1986, we had grown to the extent that new offices in Martinez were leased. The company split into two divisions, Roberts Engineers (RE), the in-house engineering group, and Roberts Technical Services (RTS), our on-site technical and engineering support division. By 1990, the two groups were about the same in size, totaling about 80 people, and had experienced a solid 13 years of growth.


In 1991, we moved to new offices back in Pleasant Hill. The rapidly changing markets of the 90's brought a time of challenge and continual refocus to the Roberts Companies as we redefined our markets and worked to build ourselves as a strong niche company within the industrial community. The result of this work has given us the diverse and talented staff we have today. We have entered the 21st century with some new faces among the familiar ones, and some new concepts in technical placement and traditional engineering services. We have honed our skills and developed new ones as we strive to maintain the personal services for which we have always been known, while working in a world which becomes more impersonal every day. We have, over the last ten years, made a complete circle and now, as in the beginning, are emphasizing our placement division, RTS. We still provide the in-house engineering services, but only on small projects. Ella Marie Kallios is the President of the company and is responsible for the day to day activities for all of the staffing activities regardless of client or location.

Looking Ahead

R.J. Roberts Inc. is certified as a Women Owned Business. We are involved not only in the placement of engineers and designers, but also lab techs, construction managers and high tech positions, to name a few.

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In summary, what we have here is a real success story. The company has not only survived, but also thrived through one of the most turbulent periods in recent history for technical service firms. We have accomplished this by remaining focused on our core business and values, expanding in growth areas that complimented that core, and discontinued work that was either unprofitable or uncomplimentary to the core business. We have a young and energetic staff that will carry on the philosophy that has been the core of this company, and look forward to an incredible next century!









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